Perform Data Architecture and Do Database Configuration

Let us turbocharge your business with our Big Data solutions!

Data-centric solutions are the need of every size enterprise.  In today’s digital era, big data in businesses come from varied applications, software, devices and web environment. Planning and collaborating on data layout requires new thinkers and new approaches.  To propel the business forward, enterprises need dedicated business decision-makers that truly ensure the integrity and reliability of data. The data-driven business solutions demand a comprehensive Data Architecture and Database Configuration road-map that caters to their data and information requirements.

Morenis Corporation, a reputed Software Consulting Company, brings the best Data Architecture services to you, and takes pride in doing database configuration. There is no doubt that the present and future of IT depends on digital data, which is having a great impact on the decision making process.

We provide cloud-based Data Architecture Services to the enterprises with much-needed underlying security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our approach to process of building cloud-based data architecture involves:

  • Extending On-Premise Data Supply Chain
  • Modernizing Data Supply on Cloud
  • Redesigning and Building a New Data Ecosystem

We put a team of administrators to harness the power of data architecture to ingest, process and to analyze data. With our trusted expertise, we handle the entire data transformation life-cycle process for your business.

The essential Features of Data Architecture Services we offer:

  • We are dedicated to assesses, architect and design data architecture services, per your business operations, system and application needs
  • By using advanced data integration tools, we fully manage the data storage, movement and analysis
  • For data security, we optimize and configure perimeter safety
  • We perform data modeling, persistence, and processing to design and implement data stores

Keep Database accessible around the clock with Morenis Corporation

We work for you with a risk-optimized approach to help your business enjoy data volume, quality, volatility, trace-ability and security. With an accurate range of services, our experts provide database administration, configuration and upgrades.

Our database expertise includes:

  • Configure Mirroring and Remote Clustering
  • Backup Configuration, Implementation and Validation
  • Performance, Space and Availability Monitoring
  • Data Encryption, Auditing, Patch and Security Management
  • Database Consolidation, Capacity Planning and Remote Virtualization
  • Database Creation, Installation, Setup and Tools Configuration
  • Object, Security and User Management and Migration Upgrade
  • Query Optimization, System Tuning and Troubleshooting

Our top-notch industry-leading database solutions are designed to completely evaluate your business needs, then architect your database solution and implement hosting designed for scalability. Morenis Corporation is committed to providing IT services of any level for clients with different budgets.

Looking for a master data management strategy? Get in touch with us and hire our experts for a well-defined data architecture for your business. Be it a Relational Database, NoSQL Database or Big Data, we use technology-rich resources and tools to meet the needs of real-time enterprises.