Application Support

Keep your apps alive with our next-generation Application Support services!

To set a benchmark in the IT world, Morenis Corporation has been striving hard to provide trusted Application Support services. Backed by years of expertise and knowledge, we have been specialized in rendering state-of-the-art IT configuration. Staying ahead of the competitors is the dream of every business, and, to turn every dream into reality, we are here with feature-packed support and maintenance solutions.

We all know that to cope with systems and critical applications, there’s always a need for technical skills. A thorough understanding of supported applications of all types; as well as, the environment, is required in order for businesses to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive setting. No matter if you are looking for Windows Application, CRM-based, platform-based, cloud-based, SharePoint or custom-built applications, we are using the right technology and methodology to ensure quality and operational efficiency. Our application maintenance services include Application Re-engineering, Migration, Integration and Support services for the clients in various domains.

Application support is not just limited to monitoring and fixing applications, but also designing, developing and deploying. It further holds the responsibility of maintaining the client’s application to keep them running post repair. From application and operation support to end user support, Morenis Corporation, based on Efficiency, Experience and Effectiveness. We developed comprehensive customized solutions to enhance your app’s agility and compatibility. Here, is a list of steps that we follow to deal with the complex maintenance challenges:

  • Analysis & Research
  • Build & Finalize Project Plan
  • Custom Services Component Designing
  • Management Service Plan Implementation
  • Status Reporting & Updates
  • Enhancement Services (when required)

We have extensive experience in almost all technological platforms. Our services are designed for web and mobile applications to maximize their security and functional enhancements, performance and application management. A streamlined application management services at Morenis Corporation generally involve analysis of your app, bug fixing, performance improvement plan outline to boost the functionality and standards of applications per the client’s expectations.

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to predict software reliability. Therefore, our team of experts provides Adaptive Maintenance Services to make your software stable in multiple environments. Our maintenance engineers are fully equipped with the knowledge to keep your systems in line with the latest technologies in the market. Beyond cost-effective and quality application support services, we have aligned IT to business value to help you achieve your business goals. With Morenis Corporation, driving automation and innovation to your business becomes much easier! We promise to offer endless support and greater efficiency for reasonable price.

How we work?

The very first step is receiving inquiry from the client related to system maintenance. With prioritization of issue resolutions requested, a team will look into your problem. We will provide resolution of all issues to desired outcome. After that, lower lever and cost effective support team will handle configuration issues, installations,  maintenance and performance monitoring. In case of a challenge, a team of highly experienced engineers will assist, providing full support to the level 1 team. Team will carry out network corrections and infrastructure re-configuration, if required, before delivering the final outcome.

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable Application Support? Make us your first choice! Let us simplify your application development and maintenance.