Morenis Corporation is a Software Consulting Organisation in Irvine, California.

It was started by a couple of IT experts with rich industry knowledge to simplify & improve the complex business processes. To best fit client’s needs, company kept on implementing proven business technologies to help Enterprises, Small Agencies & Businesses innovate and adapt to the digital world. Today, owners can proudly say, that company successfully helped many business in the area to overcome their IT challenges and reach their goals, setting the standard on quality of Software Consulting services.

To offer a choice to our clients, we have created a rich portfolio of services that ranges from Application Analysis, Enterprise Software Life-Cycle Management, Server Administration and Application Development to Cloud Systems Administration, Application Support, Database Administration, Production Systems Administration and System Integration.

Morenis Corporation is a solution partner that you can trust. For over years, we have been harnessing the power of advanced emerging technologies, big-data, analytics & cloud.


To be a know as Software Consulting Company that able to provide required IT solution, by offering state-of-the-art tech support services to effectively scale your businesses.


Morenis Corporation aims to grow with our clients by strengthening their business processes through technology rich management services. We are committed to offer top-notch IT solutions to our clients, and to be their Number One choice to solve any IT related problem. Our portfolio of services is designed to maximize the value of clients’ business systems, infrastructure and operations.


Clients First

To keep the process smooth, we put our clients first. To cater to our clients’ needs is always our top priority. We always aim to build better tomorrow for our clients.

Thinking Beyond the Box

With our creative, innovative and open-minded approach, we provide best-in-class software services to business of any size. We never miss an opportunity to become a part of your organizational growth.


To be the first choice of our clients forever, we strive to maintain transparency, integrity & confidentiality at work.  We are committed to keep the highest standards of service quality.

Passion for Excellence

We are dedicated to deliver excellence in development, management & implementation services to our clients. By paying attention to details, our experts are passionate to bring you swift & efficient results.

Work-Life Balance

We are fun to work with. To make our professionals undertake complex business projects with ease of mind, we are focused to create a healthy work environment. We are big believers that balanced work environment contributes to higher standards and better quality of produced solutions.