System Integration

Data Silos, Segregated Systems, Isolated Workflows? We can consolidate it all for you!

We help you sustain in today’s digital era. Morenis Corporation is a consulting company that gives an end to your complicated software integration issues. We live in a competitive world, where being in a business is not enough, when you have a mission to be at the top. Moreover, reducing IT complexity for higher ROI is one of the concerns that businesses are struggling hard to achieve.

We based on the deeper insights that deliver the best-suited System Integration Solutions to the businesses globally. Since we started, we have been specialized in offering a wide range of system integration services including ERP, Analytics & Information Management (AIM), Middle-ware and Infrastructure Management. We believe in aligning Enterprise IT solutions with business goals, to make businesses of large and small size enjoy business agility and greater efficiency.

Our offerings for System Integration services are designed based on System Requirements, Design, Development, Deployment & Logistics and Support Services. Integration obstacles come, all the time and business have to stay afloat over coming them. From architectural design to implementation, our team of system integrators makes every best possible effort to reduce IT complexities and ensure that technology is inline with the business objectives on your journey to growth.

Take a look on how we carry out our System Integration process:

  • Application Programming Interface (API) Analysis
  • Implementation of WebService Client / Server Modules
  • Data Consolidation
  • Third Party Technology Negotiations
  • Hosting and Managed Services
  • Service Level Management

Here, with us, you can seamlessly get benefited with our range of services such as:

  • When it’s about Hardware & Software, we provide highly advanced level IT products & solution, best-suited to reinforce your business performance
  • Our cloud services are designed for clients who want to get rapid access to virtualized IT resources
  • Our Data Integration services are designed to ensure data integrity. This involves consolidating business process, knowledge, merging of data in file formats & DBMS
  • Through our API Integration services, our experts integrate custom-built, open-source and third-party APIs based on high-level networking solutions
  • To cater your need for Enterprise Application Integration, hire Morenis Corporation. The type of service we provide to facilitate seamless communication between different business platforms, exceeds any expectations.

We have expertise and resources to deal with the integration issues related to monolithic systems, as well as micro-services. As we know, no two individuals are alike. The same goes with system integration. Each business has different operational responsibilities and, therefore, they use data differently. When there is a need for the standardized data model to carry out system integration for all businesses; we use an effective development pipeline and architectural principles to maximize the performance, scalability and re-usability for lifetime integration experience.

Why choosing the right tool is really important for integration?

With us, you can get the best and assured system integration services using hi-end tools. Our years of understanding, hands-on experience and technical know-how, has made us bridge the network between SaaS/PaaS, B2C, B2B, BYOD, Big Data and your business. Our Hybrid Integration services and tools empower businesses to integrate their applications with cloud-based applications effortlessly.

Tell us your need for System Integration, and we will provide you the best of solutions possible.