Application Analysis

We can find and fix security and application flaws to protect your software!

To run any business is really difficult when you are not fully equipped with the knowledge, technologies and resources that are needed to secure your enterprise. Your success lies in your ability to make your business stay ahead of the competitors. To boost your capabilities, Morenis Corporation provides you a trusted platform, where businesses, enterprises and various industries can take advantage of Application Analysis services. We promise to offer the best-in-class services to make your Application Development Security Life Cycle a success.

Our on-demand application analysis services includes analyzing and testing enterprise software and third-party libraries. By making use of reliable and accurate application testing tools, our application analysts increase your application development by saving you time and security expense. From modernization purpose to application understanding, Morenis Corporation performs a comprehensive analysis of your core applications.

In order to fully test the ability of your business applications to withstand the future, our team of analysts undertakes the whole process based on proven methodologies. By balancing the technology and business functionality, we analyze the applications to meet the expectations of the digital world.

Our Application Analysis is done to address issues like:

• Assessment of risk scores, cost benefits analysis and time management
• Value of gaining knowledge from retiring resources
• What, why and how transformation related, lacking understanding related to modules and components
• What makes a successful transformation?

All these issues need to be resolved effectively for a smooth transformation. Any issue such as no dependency between systems, no transparency between modular elements and more, can have a negative impact on the analysis. Morenis Corporation has ample resources and years of experience to transform business applications into a future-proof architecture.
Everything is performed in a controlled manner with the help of application analysis tools.

Know all about our cloud-based application analysis

Based on binary static analysis, and dynamic analysis, our experts are committed to providing a more scalable ways for businesses to secure their applications. We never compromise on the quality of our work, specially when the issue comes about the application’s security. Both static and dynamic analysis comes with a benefits to organizations that these approaches can be used to gather information about the applications. Take a look at how we analyze applications on the cloud:

Static Analysis

In this type of analysis, our experts check the credibility of the application, without executing it. This helps our experts reveal errors in comprehensive software quality-control management. By following this approach, we make every best effort possible to prevent unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Analysis

After the static approach, we step forward towards dynamic analysis that involves finding out subtle defects by observing data in real-time. This further involves the process of analyzing the inner working of cloud-based applications that are running.

Do you feel a need for extensive Application Analysis? What are you waiting for?

We provide relevant analysis results with the cutting-edge technologies and tools. We document all IT factors consistently, thorough out the evaluation of your core business and enterprise applications.